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Updated: Jul 30, 2018

Hello friends, business partners and clients,

Welcome to Fortro Consulting, informally FortroCFO. After close to a decade as a CFO for a combined investment bank, private equity fund and strategy consulting firm, I am establishing my own firm to assist emerging companies with the financial leadership and administration challenges that come with growing, transforming and expanding a commercial enterprise.

Whether the engagement is leading the finance function on a fractional basis while the organization is at its embryonic stage, assisting an established entity with senior financial oversight during a period of dislocation, or guiding a project that's really important, so important that you plan to kick it off this week....and then another really important mandate redirects your focus. And the same thing happens week after week. FortroCFO can help with all of the above...and more.

I look forward to chatting about your business objectives and challenges -- and wherever else the conversation takes us. Please contact me at and at (617) 564-1654.

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